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Prepare for picture day




Preparing for picture day :


 Before picture day, talk with your children about the day to help make it an enjoyable experience. Your child will be much more comfortable.

Clothing & Props : Choosing the right clothing helps to create great portraits. Your child can also bring their favorite toy or blanket.

Backgrounds : To achieve a variety of perfect portraits, Through the years photography offers each school multiple backgrounds to select from.
Portrait Session Overview : The better prepared you are, the more you'll LOVE your child's portraits.



After picture day :


Depending on the season and program offered, the quantity of each portrait size in the package will vary. If additional portraits are needed, it's convenient to reorder.

Things to know: 
- For most schools, portrait images will be available to preview and order approximately 1 week after "Portrait Day" at your school.

- Portrait prints will arrive approximately 1 week after orders are collected from the school.
- Your preschool or daycare will receive the packages ordered by envelope, and alert you when portraits are ready.


  • All portraits and add-ons, ordered online will be shipped right to you home.

- You can buy more! Order more portraits online at




Picture day suggestions


  • Make sure your child's clothing is clean and wrinkle-free.
  • Solid colors or simple patterns work better with portrait backgrounds.
  • Medium to dark shades create a great look.
  • Avoid shirts with slogans, as photo cropping can cut words in half.
  • Long-sleeved shirts are best, since short sleeves can be distracting and sleeveless tops can look too casual.
  • Make sure your child's shoes and socks match, they show in some poses.
  • Feel free to wear glasses. We are trained to adjust lights and pose your child to minimize glasses glare.